Class: SRAGMap

Function: makeMap

Builds a Brazilian map

makeMap(geoJsonBr, sragData)
  • geoJsonBr (dict) – geoJson data about Brazilian territory
  • sragData (dict) – SRAG data

Function: getAlertLevelForWholeYear

Gets the alert level color using the follow criteria:

  • Red (level 4) if the incidence was above the high threshold for at least 5 weeks;
  • Orange (level 3) if above the high threshold from 1 to 4 weeks;
  • Yellow (level 2) if crossed the epidemic threshold but not the high one;
  • Green (level 1) if it did not cross the epidemic threshold.
  • d (dict) – Total number of alert occurrence
Return number:
  • Alert level (1-4)

Function: changeColorMap

Changes the color of the map using the alerts criteria

  • df (dict) – Data frame object

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